Art Of Dining

Dining – Definition: Eating dinner as a social function.  Entertaining someone to dinner.

Whether you choose to dine out at a restaurant, or choose to entertain guests at home there are some things you should know… The whole premise of dining with people is to enjoy the company of others. I cannot tell you how often looking out of my kitchen into the dining room I can pick immediately the tables who are going to be a problem. Those would be the tables where the individuals do not have a smile located anywhere. They are not smiling, they are not speaking, and they are waiting for an excuse to vent their frustrations on anyone who walks by. Can you imagine complaining because the table next to you is to loud with laughter and joy? Can you imagine complaining because an entire restaurant is full of people who are dining correctly, they are enjoying their guests, the moment and life. Can you imagine not speaking to the person you are dining with through the entire meal? It happens all to often.

I like to personaly visit these tables in my restaurant to see if I can turn the moment around. I do my best at smiling when they are being nasty, nasty. If that doesnt work, surely a glass of wine or lemoncello might do the trick… there are many times people will realize they have full control of enjoying themselves and turn the moment around. There are other times I feel like I have left the safety zone of my kitchen and walked into a war zone. OK I will take that glass of wine now.

I know all our lives are busier then we would like. But I would like you to try something for me. When you meet friends at a restaurant or invite them to your home please celebrate the moment. Take this time to forget about the stress and problems you may have and enjoy the good things in your life. If you are going to be the nasty pants that brings gloom to the party maybe you should stay home. Enjoy the food whatever it may be. My friends sometimes will apologize and say we cannot invite you to dinner because you are a chef. I tell my friends, you order the pizza I will bring a good bottle of wine and lets just have a good time. We have too few of these moments. Enjoy every single one.

7 Comments on “Art Of Dining

  1. I could not agree more!! We need more smiling and less complaining!

    • thats why we all love you at Bella…

  2. Life is too short… We too often forget that just one smile can turn your black day into a pink one. I love you my friend! 🙂

  3. You are absolutely right….Miss M. And good friends can always make it a pink day!

  4. How could anyone dining at Bella Bistro not be enjoying the experience – it is an awesome time, my husband have only been there 2 times but plan to return time & time again! Shelly, I love your blog, makes you think…