Buon Ferragosto

Have you ever heard about Ferragosto? Yesterday one of my Italian friends was trying to explain to me the meaning. If you do not live in Italy or you have never spent your summer, in August, in Italy, you probably do not know. Well, Ferragosto is a very Italian holiday celebrated on August 15th.
It is celebrated just in Italy, originally, it was related to a celebration of the middle of the summer and the end of the hard labor in the fields.
In Italy, the entire month of August is generally taken as holiday from professionals, offices and shops just for leisure time and relax. Everything restarts in September!
It is very common to see signs on shop-windows in these weeks: “We come back on the 1st September “- “Closed, Re-open on September 1st”
Important industrial and business cities such as Rome, Milan, Turin are like “ghost cities” in this period. Everyone is away on holiday in August in Italy!
How do Italians celebrate during Ferragosto? Start with huge tables of food they are able to create on the beaches, in the mountains, on the boats… pizza, cheese, lasagne, gnocchi, grilled fish, mussels, BBQ and everything that you could ever tried in a typical Italian restaurant, add friends and family, great wines, sun and fun… from early morning to midnight. And to end the night fireworks!

I would like to try Ferragosto sometime. I think we Americans are missing out on something.
Buon Ferragosto!